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Available Fencing Options

Fencing for your property is a very important subject. You want it to be both attractive and sturdy, able to withstand whatever Mother Nature can throw your way. We have numerous different types of fencing available for providing both privacy and security at your home or business. Some of the most popular types include wooden fencing, aluminum fencing, steel fencing, glass panel fencing, and color bond fencing. So, let’s take a look at the benefits and features of each type of fencing:

1. Wooden Fencing

A traditional picket fence is still a very popular choice among homeowners in Perth and surrounding areas. You have a wide range of good-looking and highly functional choices when it comes to height, as well as decorative options.

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2. Aluminum Fencing

An aluminum tubular fence is an inexpensive yet quite decorative option for many of your fencing needs. It’s made from aluminum panels that look just like wrought iron fences but are available at just a fraction of their cost. This type of fencing offers several advantages as opposed to wrought iron fencing and other fencing types, including:

  1. Lightweight

  2. Low cost

  3. Wide range of fencing styles

  4. Wide range of powder coat colours

  5. Durability and strength

  6. Range of heights and widths

  7. Availability of accessories and decorative caps

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Aluminium Tubular Fence Panels are often used for building pool fences. We usually apply a loop pattern to the top of the fence, making climbing over it quite difficult. This makes them the perfect choice for pool and spa areas. This type of fencing is also used quite often for schools and community centres for their low maintenance and strength, as well as for their low cost and attractive look. In addition, gates that have child locks and match the fencing style are available in both automatic and manual opening models. The automatic gates are extremely effective for allowing cars and trucks into a driveway to provide safe and secure parking off the street.

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3. Glass Panel Fencing

Often utilized for pool fencing, glass panel fencing is often the optimum choice because it offers an unobstructed view of the swimming pool and other areas of the yard. There are two main types and both are in compliance with South Australian pool fence regulations, which state that a boundary fence that is being used for a barrier has to be a minimum of 1800mm high. Any non-boundary fence must be a minimum of 1200mm high with a non-climbable section on top that is a minimum of 900mm high. The two types of available glass panel fencing for pool enclosures include frameless and semi-frameless, depending on your personal preference and landscaping plans.

So, no matter what your taste and requirements in fencing may be, we carry them all and can give you the fence you need to enhance the beauty of your home or business property while also making it more safe and secure. Call us for a free quote on the best fencing options in Perth and the surrounding areas today.