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Dramatic Retaining Walls

There are a number of retaining wall types available that are the most popular with residents and businesses alike in around the Perth area. These include the widely used concrete block, moss rock, and concrete sleeper retaining walls. In addition, you can choose a limestone retaining wall, stone wall, or garden wall for beautifying your residential or commercial property.

Concrete Block

These are extremely popular for front or back yards, gardens, and even for feature walls that can be quite elaborate in nature. Why? Well, it’s mainly because they offer amazing flexibility that other types of retaining walls simply don’t possess. From curved retaining walls for decorative garden beds to multi-level concrete block retaining walls for split level garden designs, concrete block is the optimum choice. From small creative feature looks too large lawn areas, they work well in any garden setting. And, retaining wall blocks made of concrete are also the perfect choice for all sizes of water feature walls and ponds.

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A retaining wall built with concrete blocks can be lined with waterproof materials, making it quite capable of holding water. If your dream is a fishpond or elegantly dramatic water feature wall in your yard, or perhaps in a courtyard that greets customers or clients when they arrive at your business, then concrete block is an excellent choice.

In addition, a match-up of any style and colour of capping and pavers with a concrete block retaining wall is never a problem. They can be matched perfectly with very little effort and without having to shop around everywhere to find matching elements. So, all in all, concrete block is a superior choice for both residential and commercial property enhancement that is both decorative and modern-looking.

For the construction of steps, concrete blocks can be used and then filled with concrete. This provides the necessary compensation for the additional traffic that steps often get. Often, in the building of retaining walls and steps, a base of quarry rubble that has been thoroughly compacted is used under the concrete blocks and concrete footing for the purpose of ensuring that there isn’t any sinking. Then, the concrete blocks will be filled with either more quarry rubble or a chosen aggregate for stability.

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When it comes to the overall cost for a concrete block retaining wall, it is generally comparable to the cost that would be incurred for installing retaining walls that utilize moss rocks or concrete sleepers or moss rocks, however cost, of course is dependent upon how many levels the retaining wall has and how elaborate the design is. For a free quote on a concrete block retaining wall for your residential or commercial property, just give us a call.

Moss Rock Alternative

On the other hand, if you prefer, moss rock retaining walls are also a good option and we can also plant native creepers between the moss rocks for creating a very natural look. And, although concrete blocks are generally the most cost-effective, versatile, and popular option for retaining walls, we can also provide a moss rock or limestone retaining wall, garden wall, or stone wall, depending on your personal preference. So, if you need a retaining wall for your home or business, call us today for a free quote.